Galaxy Note 8 And LG V30 Are The Best Big Phones Of 2017

Well, first off, it’s still an open question of whether I’ll even be returning to Android this fall, or staying another round with Apple. I may be leaning Android at the moment, but it’s -FAR- from settled yet.

Secondly, should I return to Android, it’s somewhere in the 90% probability range that I’ll not be getting either one of these phones, choosing instead to go for the Pixel 2 XL. In the ways that I prefer Android, it’s still VERY Android, and in the ways I prefer Apple, this is “as Apple as Android gets”, so about as close to “best of both worlds” you can have.

All that said, if it really were between LG V30 and Galaxy Note 8 for me, if you had asked me even as recently as yesterday, I’d almost definitely have said Note 8 for its AMAZIZING screen, all the extra features, and slight hardware advantage. But after spending some time researching the V30, I can no longer answer this question with confidence. I think I prefer the 2:1 aspect ratio of the LG screen (which is what i’d also get on the Pixel), am super thrilled by the Quad DAC for Audio - especially since my phone is a tremendously important component in the creation of the music blocks in my video game music podcast! Those DACs could make a serious difference in my final sound quality! Also, in terms of simple cosmetics and aesthetics, I definitely prefer the metallic “silver glass” look of the LG over the Sammy.

The good news for me is that this question of V30 vs Note 8 will be almost 100% definitely never anything more than academic as the Pixel 2 XL currently leads in terms of “likeliness of being my next phone” followed very closely (but increasingly less closely) by the iPhone X, followed by the distant 3rd of the iPhone 8 plus, followed at a moderately close distance by these two phones. The bad news is that should it come down to these two, I really have no idea whatsoever what I’m going to do. At this very moment, I guess I’m slightly leaning LG....but ask me again in 10 minutes.

However, the best news of all is that all five of the phones I mentioned are all amazing phones and no matter which one I go with, I’ll ultimately be a winner, I’ll ultimately not ever be able to be too sad, and lastly, I will ultimately blow my aging, decrepit, nearly gonner circa 2015 (but vintage 2014) iPhone 6 Plus completely out of the water. So whichever way I go, it’s still......up! :-D


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