#recipe #food #drink #delicious #family #Crispy #Pan #Fried #Fish

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#recipe #food #drink #delicious #family #Crispy #Pan #Fried #Fish

Senin, 11 Maret 2019

Tasty healthy food and drink that you definitely like
Crispy Pan Fried Fish

3 key tips to ensure your pan fried fish comes out beautifully golden and crispy every time: pat the fish dry, press flour on well but shake excess off well, and heat the pan first before adding the oil or use a heavy duty non stick pan. With a good fish, well seasoned and crispy skin, I don't need a sauce....but I've added a couple in the notes just in case


2 thin fish fillets, around 150g/5 oz each, 1 cm / 2/5" thick, skin on or off (Note 1)
Salt and pepper
1/4 cup / 35g flour (plain/all purpose, wholemeal)
1 tsp paprika , optional (Note 2)
2 - 3 tbsp oil, enough to mostly thinly cover base (I use vegetable or canola)
Lemon wedges
Finely chopped parsley or dill , for garnish, optional


1. Use scrunched up paper towels to pat the fish dry on both sides. This is especially important if you are using thawed frozen fish.
2. ...
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